Quick Searching in Chrome

Using Custom Search Engines

A feature I’ve found myself using daily in Chrome is the ability to add your own custom search engines. However many people seem unaware of this little function but now use it everyday to quickly search some of my most popular and visited sites.

Try typing amazon.co.uk into your address bar and pressing space. See the Search amazon.co.uk message? Whatever you type next will automatically take you to the Amazon search results.

So how can we control this? How can we, for example, type a*space* and search Amazon?

If you visit your Chrome preferences you’ll see a little section titled Search.

Click on Manage search engines you’ll see a long list of all the custom search engines Chrome already has. Scroll all the way to the bottom and you’ll see 3 inputs to add your own.

Well it doesn’t just work for search results. Here’s an example of how we use it to quickly visit Reddit’s sub-reddits.

Now if I type r*space* I can enter the name of a sub-reddit and immediately be taken to it. You just need to complete a search on a site you frequently use and replace your search query with %s. Pretty nifty right?

Below is a list of a few custom search engines I regularly use.

I hope you find this helpful. Let me know if you have any custom search engines you regularly use :)