When I was younger my Mum bought me a CD Walkman. This was before the era of the IPod and MP3 Players. I was stoked! I quickly put in a Greenday CD and rocked out to “Boulevard of Broken Dreams”. I’m pretty sure I had that thing for about a week before it broke and wouldn’t play CD’s anymore. I was grumpy! All I wanted to do was sing along to “Drop it Like it’s Hot” by Snoop Dogg and ride round on my scooter but no such luck!

Skip forward a few years to when I could afford an MP3 Player. Those were the days where everyone would download songs and then load them onto a small thumb sized contraption. At that time everyone at High School seemed to have an IPod or an MP3 Player. The Music you listened to was often a hot topic and was always a great way to spend time with friends. Back then I hung out with a group on a seat by F Block at Shirley Boys High School. I remember sitting with my friend Jack while he peeled the crusts off his peanut butter sandwich’s, each with a headphone listening to Jack Johnson, chilling with my friend Raina as he boogied out to Jo Jo, cranking Black Eyed Peas with my friend Sam on prefect duty at the front gate, or finding a weird mutual love for Taylor Swift with my friend Andrew.

After school I would often go to my checkout job at Countdown, and always looked forward to my 8pm breaks with my friend Shane. We would always buy a cookie time, heat it for 20 seconds and watch the chocolate melt. It was heavenly! Shane and I would listen to and talk Hip Hop and R&B almost every break. Every week we would bring new music to listen to by Ne-Yo, Twista, Kanye, Plies, Nas, Bruno Mars and a whole lot more.

In my adult years some of my favourite Music moments have been the 3pm Chance the Rapper dance parties at work, seeing Bruno Mars, Ed Sheeran and Macklemore live, waking people up in Hangzhou, by playing Thrift Shop, listening to sick Indian beats with six people crammed into the back of a tuk tuk in India, seeing my friend Josh thrive in his music career #horizone, playing Six60 in hostels all over China and so many more.

Today sharing and talking about music has become a global phenomenon. Whether you love Hip Hop, K-Pop or Tuvan Throat Singing, you can be sure there’s a community out there that loves it just as much as you, and they’re only a few clicks away. I’m excited to see what new musical experiences await me in the future and can’t wait to share them with friends and family.

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