My Biggest Addiction *Not Clickbait*

I write this blog coming off the back of watching a David Dobrick Vlog. Most of you are probably saying what’s a David Dobrick and what’s a Vlog? What the heck are you talking about Ollie? Are you speaking Klingon? Well dear friends, to answer your question, David Dobrick is a young man in America living under DACA (possibly about to get deported) who is best friends with Josh Peck from Drake and Josh. David is part of this storm of new media that seems to be sweeping the world right now where anyone can pick up a camera, start filming their daily lives and then post it on YouTube and grow their platforms. YouTube now seems to be the way I consume news, entertain myself and learn new skills.

It’s so easy for me to go down the YouTube wormhole, watching some of my favourite Creators like Casey Neistat, Logan Paul, George Janko, Mark Dohner, Gary Vee or David DobrickI also enjoy watching Stephen Colbert or Jimmy Kimmel make fun of Trump, the latest independent news via the Young Turks or Beme News or watch interesting documentaries on Vox. All of these channels have chosen YouTube as their key platform to produce content on and for most of them it’s their job. YouTube seems to be where I consume a lot of my content every day. Why? Because I’m supporting individuals and not big corporations. Most of these people have managed to escape from the rat race by doing something they love. From an outside perspective, it may look like these people have it easy (depending on what their content is) but they work hard doing something they love and by being themselves. Isn’t that the dream?

These days I might turn on the TV about once a month. YouTube has transitioned into my TV. I think it’s because these are real people who are documenting their lives and often they are funnier, more informative or interesting than anything you will see on TV and I get to choose when I watch it. I don’t have to worry about waiting until 6pm to watch the news, I can consume my news through a series of different channels with different or nuanced points of view about things that I’m actually interested in. I want choice from my content and I get that from YouTube. So I’m not trying to convert anybody to drop what you’re doing and start watching hours of YouTube, I’m just saying that the way people are consuming video has changed drastically. When you have a gamer from Sweden with 60 million subscribers, the old mediums should be very scared. CNN bought Casey Neistat’s company Beme which has now been turned into a news company where creators get to present news the way they want to. Companies like CNN are seeing these shifts and are investing in change to make sure they stay alive of the coming decades.

When a Creator is able to build an audience around their personality by just picking up a camera, that’s a powerful shift. YouTube has really changed the way media is consumed. The creators who publish their videos on YouTube are businessmen through and through. They see where the market is and they levitate towards it, representing their personal brand through video. The best Youtubers will leverage themselves and their personal voice to drive their business and grow, both as a person and as a business. I think that’s what draws me in. These people have larger followings than some countries and so, not only do you become part of the YouTube ecosystem, but you bring these Creators into your life on a daily basis creating a bond with their brand and the community that follows that Creator.

The biggest reason I’m obsessed with these people is that they know their brand and they know themselves and they share that with a wider audience on a daily basis. It doesn’t matter how they are feeling that day, they create content for their fans and for themselves. By doing this, they are making the choice to be the best possible version of themselves they can be for a community they created around who they are. My point at the end of the day is that if you want to grow your confidence or you have something you want to say or you want to sell a business, Youtube is just one way of doing that. If you are consistent with your uploads and you are 100% true to yourself and honest on camera people will watch and they will listen and you can have an amazing effect on others lives, just try!

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