Natural Alcohol Detox Remedies

Whether you have been drinking alcohol for few months or weeks, or you’ve been to a party where you have exceeded your drinking limit in a such a way that you can’t remember anything, after a couple of hours your body will start remind you of that. That’s the time when alcohol withdrawal symptoms start to occur and you will be feeling very unpleasant and uncomfortable.

If you don’t want to see a doctor or to visit a detox facility and want to use natural methods for withdrawal, here are some of them.

Drinks for alcohol detox

First of all, remember that suddenly stopping drinking, while you experience withdrawal symptoms is not advisable without medication. A long time ago, before medications were available, people used alcohol to get over alcohol withdrawal symptoms. For this, you need an alcoholic drink that doesn’t lead to drunkenness, and the optimal choice is beer.

You must drink small amounts of beer, tapering down gradually until the withdrawal symptoms have passed. How small the beer amounts are depends on each person, but normally, 12 ounces every hour is a reasonable start. After three hours you can take 8 ounces per hour, and then you may safely drink 4 ounces of beer every two or three hours. In general, within 24 to 48 hours you are able to stop drinking the beer as a remedy for withdrawal symptoms.

Besides beer, you must drink plenty of water in order to get the alcohol out of your blood system. You can also have lemon juice which is quite efficient in in this case.

Food and vitamins for alcohol detox

If you feel hungry, you should eat fresh fruits and vegetables. At this moment your body is trying to cope with alcohol withdrawal so do not force it to eat. By eating before your body is ready for this, you are putting more of a burden on overworked organs.

Besides fruits and vegetables, you may take a dose of vitamin-B complex, a large doses of vitamin C and a thiamine (vitamin B1) supplement.

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