Three years ago, I was broke as fuck, stuck in a really shit job and always wondering when things would begin to look up.

The only positive in my life at the time was my blog and my writing, through which I had met quite a few awesome people. The need to get out of a rut gnawed at me and by the end of 2014, I was near the end of my rope. I’ve always been an impulsive person and without putting a lot of thought into it, I decided I was never going to write for free ever again.

“Fuck doing this for the love, I’ve been broke since day one I’m getting tired of hugs”

I put up my last post on my blog, explaining to my thirty or so loyal readers at the time that our time together was at an end. To their credit, a few of them reached out and tried to get me to keep going-but I was honestly tired. I had grown weary of what felt like screaming into the void, hounding people on social media to get them to read my stories and begging for comments.

I wanted to be valued because I believed I had put in my fair share of work into improving my writing. It’s been a long two years since then and I suddenly feel like a wise ass.

Everyone is a genius given the benefit of hindsight.

In 2016, I was sacked from a job I was literally begged to take. In the same week, I got two job offers and there I was feeling like a Rockstar. Unemployed one day and needing to make a choice between two good offers the next, life comes at you real fast.

This year I have learned that one of the biggest barriers to happiness is how we constantly raise the bar of what we should be content with. Some people will argue that this is the stuff of which ambition is made.

“Ambition Should Be Made Of Sterner Stuff”

So, I became dissatisfied with one good job, I wanted a “side hustle”, I wanted passive income, hell, I wanted everything! Slowly but surely, I became one of those individuals in the rat race; when I wasn’t working, I constantly worried about work.

My life became a series of deadlines, targets, the occasional comparison of my standards of living with those of friends- I had stopped living! One uneventful day in August, I got so worked up about work that I didn’t get a wink of sleep! It pushed me to begin to look inward; I had a decent job by most standards, I had good friends but I had such a deep dissatisfaction that wouldn’t go away.

Life handed me some respite, I lost my side hustle but gained something way more important, the ability to enjoy life’s many beautiful moments. Life will always throw you curveballs, ain’t nothing you can do about that but adulthood’s savior is this- its okay to slow down sometimes.

Have a cold beer or several beers and thank the Lord someone had the good sense to produce Heineken. Shoot your shot with that babe you like, last last she go talk no and you go dey alright.

Save money but don’t become such a slave to the need to amass that you don’t chop the life of your head every now and then. Remember, sometimes, just stop and smell the roses!

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