Nigeria needs to groom great managers to lead companies or start businesses later in their career…
Tayo Oviosu

Everyone in Nigeria wants to the start the next Linda Ikeji or the next Jumia. I personally think we have too many problems that blogging and e-commerce should be our main focus.

Paid employment in Nigeria can be counter productive as the culture in a typical Nigerian will totally corrupt that in a dynamic startup — there could be a positive to this I agree though. I feel rather than work in a typical Nigerian organization, founders should try to find work in other established startups so they can learn from them. At the very least they should have mentors who can guide them. You do not need to work in a Nigerian business to learn the ropes. That’s why we have co-founders, know your strengths and weaknesses and try to find co-founders that complements you, don’t try to do it all along everytime. If you are a strong coder, find a great UI and Business person to partner with.

You can read more about my point of view here

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