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I recently granted an interview to the awesome guys at #SpotOn and thought it would be a great idea to share the full interview here as well. Hope you learn a thing or two from it. The interview was conducted byEmmanuel Olutokun

I guess it’s not too late to wish every one of us a happy new month.

In this edition of #SpotOn astute and brilliant IT professional who is presently redefining, exploring and pushing the frontiers of Digital in Nigeria, has shared some really salient points as to the future of digital in Nigeria and how young minds can leverage on this relatively new trend.

Olusegun Martins who is the Head of Digital and Technology in arguably Nigeria’s largest Advertising agency, Insight Communications, has really taken his time to provide success nuggets for Digital natives whose disruptive culture and insatiable urge to break free from the norm and build a viable enterprise keeps them mobile. Personally I think this is the most honest and sincere advice for Nigerian start-ups.

Enjoy the chat but more importantly apply these truths to your life.

  • Are Nigerian brands really exploring the opportunities Digital offers?

I think a number of Nigerian brands are beginning to embrace digital in a way that wasn’t happening just a few years ago.

When I look at digital I tend to look beyond digital marketing alone. I look at digital from the way businesses are able to use digital technologies to enhance their business offerings and customer experiences. An example is how all the banks have embraced technologies like ATMS and online banking. How Insurance companies are now offering services online that you can pay for with your ATM card. How traditional retail outlets are expanding to offer online access to their inventory like what Yudala is doing. How businesses can leverage on this fast changing trends that technology has made possible.

Digital marketing on the other hand is simply a subset of digital. It is however the subset that most brands/companies choose to focus on. From the work that I do daily, I see brands that historically spend 100% of their budget on “traditional advertising” making shifts of as much as 60% — 70% to digital already, I mean these are brands that you would consider “safe” and “traditional”. And I am talking both big and small brands. Digital is extremely flexible and brands are beginning to see this. One good example is Pepsi’s Long Throat campaign which arguably was the biggest digital/integrated campaign in Nigeria in 2015, the Pepsi team got it right with that campaign, it not only translated to increased conversations around the brand but incredible sales increase too. Several new mobile phone brands are entering the Nigerian market these days and solely advertising online.

While digital is cool, what you really want as a brand is focus on the consumer if your consumers are on mobile, if they are on social networks, if they are online then you should be using digital channels. My advice is not to do digital for digital sake but to focus on the customer and have the right mix of channels to ensure your message gets through all the noise out there.

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