My Feminist “Conversations”

Why do i have to be ashamed to be a feminist?

Why is it not okay for me to believe in women empowerment?

Why is it not okay for me to believe that women are more than what we make them out to be?

Pretty much every time i engage in a “conversation” about Sexism and Feminism, i get the feeling that some people actually lose respect for me or think less of me.

I just don’t get it. It’s like being a feminist somehow makes me a bad person. Or believing in something that most people around here don’t believe in somehow makes me retarded.

I’ve become used to getting this reaction from people and sometimes find myself shying away for such “conversations”.

I had one of my famous feminist “conversations” recently with a friend.

I shared a link to a Women in Tech empowerment program on a group i’m a part of. My friend (Let’s call him Tunde) wasn’t so excited because he couldn’t join.

He said that it was unfair. Which, quite frankly, i understood at first.

A small voice in my head told me;

“Move on babe. It’s not your business. Move on before you become the weird feminist chick on this group!”

I tried to listen to that voice but i just felt the need to help him understand and “bring him to the light” (lol).

I jumped in and tried to explain the motive behind such programmes to Tunde.

“Well… they’re trying to empower women... We need more women to know that they can actually do great things… It seems a little unfair to the other gender but these are the kinda things that need to be done to wake the female population up. Blah blah blah…”

I thought i was making a point when i related feminism to #BlackLivesMatter. I regretted it almost immediately.

“Black lives Matter is stupid. Very stupid.
“Women in Tech is equally floundering and not well thought out by followers.”

This comment made me sad. Not Angry, not disappointed, not irritated, just sad.

Sad that someone i knew could be so close minded, so insensitive to the struggles of others, so disrespectful to the beliefs of others.

But you know what? Tunde is my friend and i’m not mad at him, i just feel like have a responsibility to “bring him to my light” (lmao).

I’m on a new mission. I don’t care if he or anybody else on the group thinks i’m crazy, retarded or not a wife material. (i am *wink*)

Tunde, brace yourself! I’m coming for you! :D

Anyway, my point here is, i’m not going to let the fear of what people will think of me stop me from saying what i believe in. Same way it’s okay for you to talk about the things you are passionate about like technology, music & art, it is okay for me to talk about feminism because it is something i’m passionate about.

#Peace #LiveLongAndProsper

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