Software Engineering, not a ‘get rich quick’ scheme

If you are looking for quick and easy money, Don’t bother learning to code.

Nigerian developer celebrities have unintentionally made software engineering look like a get rich quick scheme.
To be honest, it’s just like any other job you could work independently.
Don’t be deceived, those guys have legit hustled for years and are now reaping the sweet benefits, also some come from relatively wealthy families.

There’s this new craze about working remotely, especially for companies or startups abroad, the truth is; it doesn’t come easily like they make it seem, a lot of self-development, application rejections, etc.

You have to be hardworking and patient { miss me with that smart working shit, the right hard work involves being smart }

I have some tips I could share

  1. Be passionate about learning, never give up when you encounter a bug or when you are having trouble understanding something. Study algorithms, buy courses you can afford, read books, watch video courses and practice.

2. Have a mentor.
I’m forever grateful to my mentor { Lon Ilesanmi Excellence, he lives up to the name af }
You’ll understand stuff better and faster.
Always ask questions, don’t be bothered sounding stupid.

3. Projects
Work on open source projects or create your own.
The best way to learn this coding thingy is by doing.
Don’t be concerned about money yet, just build free stuff.
I’m not saying money shouldn’t be your (main) motivation… But at your level of experience, significant money can’t be made.
Develop yourself!!

5. Learn one stack at a time, don’t try to learn everything, haha, you no be Kyle XY, abeg.
Focus on one thing first, be a boss at it😎😎.
Later on, you can play with other fields easily.
If it’s frontend, do it well, if it’s data science, focus!

6. Document your learning process by writing blog posts.
That mad error you fixed last last, write about it.
That cool stuff you learned, write about it.
It’s easy to open a Medium account.

6a. Have a resumé, and use online tools to optimize it, most recruiters now use automated systems to filter applicants.
I was ignorant before.

7. Take on mini-projects that pay, now that you’re a bit good, gain experience by working with a team or personally on some projects that would earn you some money, decline projects with complex tasks for now.

8. My G! Internships!!
These are like the best way to learn, I can’t tell you how much I’ve learned with this at Terragon Group
Find a good startup or company to intern for, if possible, don’t thirst for remote work yet, don’t follow the hype.
Just learn how a company operates, the procedures, the coding standards, etc.
You can even apply to Big companies if you want; Google, Facebook, etc, also check out Google Summer of Code.

9. Don’t forget to keep learning throughout your journey!!

10. If you are a student, don’t let coding affect your studies oo, don’t be like me😑😑.
We are all different when it comes to multitasking stuff like these.
Me, I can read a day before an exam and still ace it depending on the course volume.
You might not be able to.
Some people don’t need to read too much sef, they just attend classes and still pass.
Understand thyself, and be honest with yourself.
Don’t say the school is useless and then lag behind.
You can’t tell the future, your certificate might help you big time later on.

Either you take school seriously too or drop out, there’s no problem with any, you can attend a university later on in life, no pressure.


After these,
You can get remote gigs easily, make cool cash, save, and take care of thyself.

Then when you leave school, getting a job (In Nigeria, or abroad)
will be a walk in the park for you.

If you have an idea that you think is big, it’s good to gain experience from an already established firm on how things really work so that when you start yours, it will be easier, plus, no serious investor will invest in a startup whose founder is inexperienced.

Don’t be too geeky,
Even Kelvin Umechukwu (Tushgeek) na life of the party🤓🤓, live life.

Did you notice I skipped number 4?
Build a network with people that can help you, meet new people, attend events and conferences, don’t be overly shy.
Learn other skills apart from coding, also research.
Be a fun badass developer like Ayomide Aro🔥🔥.

Eat right.
Don’t get fat!
Developers tend to be unhealthy cos they barely leave a seat for hours, eat junk, etc.
Hit the gym at least 3ce a week.

Work, work, pray, pray, work!!
Be patient, you go blow pass
Prosper Otemuyiwa or Adewale Abati ♠ with time!!
Trust the process

I honestly wish I knew some of the things above at some point in my life, I have learned and I keep on learning.
Of course, our paths are different, some people don’t have to go through a long process to make it big, some have to, but three constant things are hard work, consistency, and patience.

Thank You!!




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