The Essentials Of How Agro-Processing Industries Can Optimize A Country’s Gains With Agriculture.

This is the time when all countries globally are tilting towards agriculture especially monitoring their food production processes. Agriculture has been ridiculed into a crude business type of setting especially in third world war countries. Today, the World is not just hungry alone, most countries can’t even initiatively finance their country’s well-being with agric. due to the negligence of the agric. sector. Alot of valuable and controlable factors such as climate conditions and my point of view which is “Agro Processing Industries” have been undermined.
 The word processing from my own perspective means taking things to the next level, not just creating new products like we know in elementary chemistry. Processing can be done via data accumulation, industrial research analysis and other viable terms.
 Processing in Agriculture is based on refining farm products for human and environmental use. The Human usage can be implied in food production, textile production, household products and so on. More than a whooping 50% of what humans need to survive is gotten from agricultural products.
 The question is how will countries add up their numbers in terms of profits (increasing the gdp) from the talked-down on agricultural sector?
 The policies and ethics of a country in terms of agriculture shows how and where they intend to move in terms of optimizing gains. A country with no policy will walk in headless disastrous directions. The favourable policies will invite others to eat in the same bowl with the government without have issues of who deserves the bigger or smaller meat.
 Infrastructural development is another tool that will go a long way in fine-tuning the rots in a country’s agro processing sectors. When an easy self-destruct product is being made like food product,a very vibrant transport and storage facility support system is needed. Roads, industrial support and agro research support have a role to play in industrialization of the sector.

There is an easy way to success which is bridges linking the financial industry with the agricultural industry to profit maximization avenue. A country that lacks support system for agro industry will have shortage of agro industries, due to fears from investors about wrong investments. Let’s envisage a country with a viable Agric based banking/financial sector, Agric. Business consulting firms with easy mediums to disseminating agro industries opportunities. It’s obvious that the economy of such country will skyrocket positively.
 Finally, a country is like a man selling poultry eggs. He can’t be eating poultry eggs alone all day, he needs pottatoes to make egg white sauce and pottatoes. Use that same analogy for a country, a country needs to trade it’s agro industry products with other countries, even though it’s not made at finished product optimization. Countries who are friends with other countries will sell the greatness of their agro industries to others and enjoy a balanced currency strength.The world “Export Promotion” can’t be undermined in the case.

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