An hour-long class that teaches the techniques and process for designing a landing page

I stumbled into the world of user experience by actually looking through the internet for things that I find visually appealing and then making attempts to recreate them. I would usually be on the sites of Pentagram and Landor looking through the works of their client and attempting to recreate these in Photoshop or Illustrator.

In this particular course, we will be taking a similar approach by teaching you how to design any landing page of your choice in Figma. Though this course will be done in Figma, you can actually follow along with any design tool of your choice.

A quick look at how mathematics is not the ultimate source of design truth.

I ventured into the world of design 6 years ago as a freelance graphic designer and made the transition into product design about a year later. Throughout my career, I have encountered hundreds of scenarios where the computer-generated output of a design intention differs from the expected outcome even when the maths was done right.

Let’s take a look at a few cases:

All logos are not created equal.

While working on a customer section page for a client, my initial direction was to create a grid that contains 256px * 200px boxes housing the customers’ logos and names.

While my computer says they are all…

Enhancing your mobile web experience with progressive technologies and whether that’s the right solution for you.


A progressive web application (PWA) is a type of application software delivered through the web without a need for users to install via a digital distribution system (like App Store or Google Play). Functionality includes working offline, push notifications, device hardware access, etc.

So how can we improve user experience using these technologies?

Be instant by using AMP

AMP is a web component framework used to easily create user-first websites. It is the best well-lit path to achieve a performant site. …

Here are my top picks for the best Black Friday deals you need to know about as a designer

2019 Black Friday Deals for Designers

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Create realistic, interactive prototypes and communicate your design ideas better with ProtoPie.

3. Design+Code (50% off)

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4. Webflow Kits (50% off)

Get 50% off every Webflow template and UI kitFrom Black Friday to Cyber Monday, you…

Demystifying how designers, product managers, clients, and stakeholders can get to design deliverables faster.

In my journey as a Product Designer, I have had to work on projects of varying intensities (Android + iOS, user dashboard + admin dashboard + email templates e.t.c), in different sectors (health, finance, cryptocurrency, data, travel e.t.c), of varying team sizes (me+cofounder, 5+, 50+), and something common to them all is requirements. How requirements are communicated to a Product Designer affects how the problem gets solved.

Take a look this scenario

Imagine you just had a long phone call with a client where he has outlined a big list of requirements for the next big app (e.g Uber for laundry). What’s next? Where do…

How to conduct design sprint and user research that can impact your business bottom line

Design Sprints

What is a Design Sprint?

A design sprint is a framework for answering critical business questions through design, prototyping and testing ideas with users

What Design Sprint is NOT!

A design sprint is not
- A design review
- A brainstorm
- A place to talk about engineering constraints
- An extra long meeting
- A time/place to close down ideas or direct thinking

Sprint Team

How conversion rate optimization and user experience maturity models can impact your business bottom line

CRO Maturity Model

What is CRO?

Conversion Rate Optimization is the process of testing what works for the customers, with the help of customers. The goal of CRO is to help your website make more money. It does this through continuous optimization which is driven by your research activities.

A general outline of a CRO process might look like this:

What CRO is NOT!

CRO is not quick or simple method with a magic formula — it takes time to see results. Even for businesses in the same vertical, each result is unique.

CRO Maturity Models

CRO is not quick, but the results make it worth it. By using the models below, any…

Recommended best practices and A/B testing ideas to consider when designing Homepage, Navigation, Search, Filter, Product Pages, Checkout and Forms.

Part 2 of 6 series detailing my learnings in Google’s Mobile UX Marathon#mUXMarathon. This series will greatly benefit marketers, UX practitioners, designers, developers, product teams and business owners.

Homepage/Landing Page

Idea: Put key things above the fold

When users visit your website for the the first time, they probably came there with some intention, interest or expectation.

There are 3 key things that needs to be above the fold when designing landing pages for mobile:

Example in practice:

Value proposition: What are you offering the users?, Call-to-action: How should they start exploring your site?, Visuals: What first impression would you like them to form?

A/B Test: Your CTA

Every call-to-action button is a collection of four…

Why does good user experience on websites matter and what potential is there for your business?

This is a summarized version of question and answers on the just concluded Google Mobile UX Marathon Part 1. 👉 Full article here: UX beyond the click and the main barriers to mobile

1. How would you recommend handling UX on mobile for a client purchasing a complicated or costly item? Is there a way to make people feel less nervous and more assured about making a custom large order on mobile?

Building trust is really paramount with your user and this can be done by building a great experience for them.

If your site loads slowly or if they can’t get to what they want or if certain parts of the site aren’t responsive or are jarring, the customer loses confidence in you as a brand and with using their mobile device to engage with you.

Make sure…

Why does good user experience on websites matter and what potential is there for your business?

Part 1 of 6 series detailing my learnings in Google’s Mobile UX Marathon #mUXMarathon. This series will greatly benefit marketers, UX practitioners, designers, developers, product teams and business owners.

According to recent studies, a well-designed user interface can help brands increase their conversion rates by a whopping 200% and help their company outperform the market. As more and more people turn to smartphones for daily tasks, it’s crucial to build webpages with the mobile-first user in mind. With well over half of world’s population now online, it has never been a better time to invest in web.

Importance of Mobile Web

Today’s consumers are…

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