Enhancing your mobile web experience with progressive technologies and whether that’s the right solution for you.


Here are my top picks for the best Black Friday deals you need to know about as a designer

2019 Black Friday Deals for Designers

1. Adobe Creative Cloud (40% off)

2. Protopie (40% off)

Demystifying how designers, product managers, clients, and stakeholders can get to design deliverables faster.

How to conduct design sprint and user research that can impact your business bottom line

Design Sprints

What is a Design Sprint?

A design sprint is a framework for answering critical business questions through design, prototyping and testing ideas with users

What Design Sprint is NOT!

How conversion rate optimization and user experience maturity models can impact your business bottom line

CRO Maturity Model

What is CRO?

Conversion Rate Optimization is the process of testing what works for the customers, with the help of customers. The goal of CRO is to help your website make more money. It does this through continuous optimization which is driven by your research activities.

Recommended best practices and A/B testing ideas to consider when designing Homepage, Navigation, Search, Filter, Product Pages, Checkout and Forms.

Homepage/Landing Page

Idea: Put key things above the fold

When users visit your website for the the first time, they probably came there with some intention, interest or expectation.

Why does good user experience on websites matter and what potential is there for your business?

1. How would you recommend handling UX on mobile for a client purchasing a complicated or costly item? Is there a way to make people feel less nervous and more assured about making a custom large order on mobile?

Building trust is really paramount with your user and this can be done by building a great…

Why does good user experience on websites matter and what potential is there for your business?

Mobile UX Marathon

Design involvements in digital product development have been limited to user interface and user experience. While motion designers, digital illustrators, graphic designers e.t.c can yield business ROI, it has been observed that they usually take a back seat at such discussions.

Oluwatobi Akindunjoye

The world of user experience design fascinates me. Here to read, learn and write.

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