Who is going to build our roads?

Since we all want to change the world

This post was motivated by a conversation I had with a friend recently about kudi.ai. I am excited about the tech behind Kudi but not so much the problem it may be trying to solve. The conclusion of the conversation was that we may not need some fancy tech to solve real problems. Here’s why.

The payment space in Nigeria is rowdy. But the Fintech space in general, not so much. We could go on about how retail and investment banking can be unbundled into technologies that could change the way consumers consume, invest and borrow. But Kudi as well as the other guys before them have fixated on the same old problem everyone seems to be trying to solve — Payments.

Kudi is an exciting product. Whenever I hear chatbot, I am excited with the thought of chatting with a computer. This is almost like making my childhood fantasy come to life. As seen on their website, Kudi is a chatbot that allows ‘seamless bill payment through messaging’. According to them, they want us to ‘ Say goodbye to ambiguous USSD codes, endless OTPs, apps and routine filling of card details

Courtsey kudi.ai

Kudi is bringing a new tech to town. A chatbot for paying your bills. This begs the question, Does the average Nigerian really need a chatbot to make payments? For a user to make a payment on Kudi, she would have to chat her Kudi.ai ‘buddy’ and the payment is confirmed almost ten conversations down the line.

Products that solve real problems in Africa should not be driven by the tech but should give more focus to the experience the solution offers, speed for it’s users, and most importantly the people who will use your product

I currently use either the USSD code or the GTBank app for my transactions. Would I use a Kudi chatbot? I definitely would. But as the excitement for the Google Allo wore off, I forsee same for Kudi.ai.

P.S: Kudi is a great product and has a great future and I congratulate them on getting into YC.

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