Dinner at Janine’s

I’m renting an apartment, through Air BnB, in Rio’s Flamengo district. It’s currently a mess with my equipment laid about, but I will clean it up and take photos soon!

The apartment is owned by a woman named Janine, who lives upstairs. She has been very nice and told me to ask her for any help I need (which I’ll be taking her up on when I try to use the washing machine on Sunday…).

Last night was her birthday, and she invited me over for dinner with some friends and the other tenants she is renting to (she owns many apartments).

Dinner in Brazil is a drawn out affair! Janine had a grill fired up on her patio, and was slowly cooking steak, chicken and sausage. When one piece would finish, it would be served, eaten and then all of us would wait for the next piece to come off the grill. I don’t think I had anything that wasn’t meat, though I couldn’t fully understand what everyone was saying so there’s a change I might have stumbled upon a grilled vegetable or two.

I met a number of Olympic volunteers (Janine is one herself) from Argentina, Germany and even the USA. It was great to compare stories about the Games so far and what we’re looking forward to the most. I might have even converted a few new sailing fans!

When I looked at my watch, I couldn’t believe it was 11 pm already and definitely time to go to bed. From Janine’s apartment, you can see the glittering lights from the hills (well, mountains really) rising above the city, and at night they were just beautiful. I could have stayed there forever! Sadly, I had an early alarm set for a British Sailing Team Press Conference this morning that I couldn’t miss, so I bid goodbye to the view, my new friends and my hostess and took the (very small and scary) elevator back down to my little apartment.

I’m so thankful for a pleasant hostess like Janine!