Olympics Morning Launch, Day 8 — Racecourse Round Robin

There are seven race circles in Rio, all with very different characteristics. World Sailing’s PRO Nino Schmeli discusses organizing the one of the most complex international regattas.

The Olympic regatta is the pinnacle of sailing in the ten classes that compete here, but it’s also the pinnacle of race officiating. The task of keeping the Olympic regatta running smoothly and fairly falls mostly to Principal Race Officer Nino Shmueli and his six race committees.

The venue in Rio has seven possible race circles on which competition can be scheduled. Only six can be in use at once due to the race committees, but with reserve days built into the schedule this has yet to be a conflict.

A schedule of racing, including courses, was published in January. Over the first week of regatta, this schedule basically went out the window as weather variables forced Shmueli to move classes that were scheduled to be inside to the outside courses, and vice versa. “The changes we make to the course assignments are to provide fair and good sailing,” says Shmueli. “When you are taking in considerations like class wind limits and course structure, and mix it with weather reports, we often have to change the course areas from the original schedule.”

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