The Stars Aligned

When there’s talk of medal potential, Annie Haeger and Briana Provancha top the list. With the support of coach Dave Ullman, they’ve remained consistent since winning the Aquece Rio test event in 2015.

“It’s 8:30 a.m. and I’m sitting at a table outside a Starbucks down the street from the US Sailing Center in Miami. With me are Annie Haeger and Briana Provancha. They’re one month out from their final qualifying regatta for the Rio Olympics. The pressure is on, but you’d never know it. They’ll be training today with the U.S. men’s team, but the session isn’t scheduled to start until 10. “That means it won’t actually begin until 10:30,” says Provancha.

“Yeah,” chimes in Haeger with a playful laugh. “The boys are always late.”

In a time of media-trained athletes with throwaway one-liners, the two women are surprisingly candid.”

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