Watching the Women’s Olympic Marathon

The women’s Olympic marathon was run today (the men’s is next Sunday) and the route happened to cut through my commute. It cut through four times, actually, because I cross a divided highway (there’s a pedestrian bridge) and they did a 10k loop on that highway, one side of the loop on each for a total of four passes under that bridge.

I only saw a few moments of the racing so there’s not much that I can comment on there, but I thought it’d be neat to share these photos. The runners get SO close to the sideline, at times when I was taking photos I had to pull my phone in next to me so that I didn’t hit anyone. That close.

American Des Linden, who was the best finishing American at the 2016 Boston Marathon, leads the pack at about 17k
It’s not every day you get to take a selfie with an Olympic marathon behind you!

It was really inspiring, down to the last runner. Maybe this is a good time to mention that before I left for Rio I signed up for a marathon in Newport in April! :)