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Global warning is a subject of Disaster about which our present science since 17th century of Newton &Leibniz could not provide any answer.How Climate Scientists Can Save Lives by Predicting Glacial Collapse?This question was asked to me on video recording in 2012 and I answered about inventions of 20th century base of science.However,20th century base science could not promote particularly by Prizes to which business persons provide money to promote their business .Also,Nobel Prizes have not provided or do not know about fact of 20th century invention base of science.It is true when such circumstances happen then happening in our planet would effect every one.In world war only countries and not whole world was effected but in such said Natural Phenomena our whole planet would be effected due to the fact most our communities have became dishonest due to IT comes in to force.I am still trying to provide answer properly but needs help to which few countries can be ready to help but whole world is silence till now.