How I lost over 80 pounds eating one meal a day

One Meal a Day

In today’s world, the notion of the Omad Diet, or just eating one meal a day, is an idea that some skeptics may question. We have grown into a lifestyle of having three meals a day. As a matter of fact, we often love food so much that we throw in snacks to hold us over until we can eat our next meal. How is it that we become so dependent on food and we’ve come so far from eating only one meal a day?

Marketers and Manufacturers have pushed many of food habits we have. Add in that it seems everywhere we go there are easy access to vending machines and fast food, you can see how this trend originated. It’s also very easy and convenient to “supersize” our food by simply paying more.

It wasn’t always this way, in fact, our ancestors knew meal time as a completely different way of life. Consider the world they lived in. There weren’t any fast food chains or meals you pop in the microwave and the idea of purchasing a candy bar when they were hungry wasn’t a possibility. They lived a one meal a day lifestyle because food was scarce and they had to adapt. Since they were hunting and gathering foods they ate, they did not have the luxury of having more than one meal per day.

When I was over 240 pounds, it had seemed I had tried every diet that there was, and was always disappointed. I found most to be time consuming or the difficult requirements didn’t fit into my busy schedule. I had reached a point to where I had felt I was always going to be overweight no matter what I tried.

Because of my busy schedule, I often ate at odd or various times throughout the day. There were often days where I would only eat once because that’s all my busy schedule would allow. I started to notice when put some of these one meal days in consecutive days, I would start to lose weight. That’s when I discovered how one meal a day could fit my lifestyle.

Today, I have lost over 80 pounds since starting my journey eating one meal a day and couldn’t feel better. I encourage anyone who is tired of ‘fad’ diets that don’t work and looking for a simple way to lose weight, to visit me at and learn how you can start your journey today.

The OMAD Diet or One Meal a Day Diet is a simple diet that consists of only eating one meal per day.

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Jimmy S

Jimmy S

The OMAD Diet or One Meal a Day Diet is a simple diet that consists of only eating one meal per day.

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