One person’s history of Twitter, from beginning to end
Mike Monteiro

Because I’ve made friends, acquaintance & contacts with so many people all round the world

Because in 2005 I moved to a small island in the Atlantic Ocean where I found the dominant culture, politics & intellectual life narrow-minded & homogenous

Because I’m a poet & love the challenge of expressing myself succinctly

Because I’d never have found your point of view if Bernie Goldbach hadn’t tweeted it to my Twitter List “Dunbar’s Number” people

I’ve felt very grateful to the people who built & sustained Twitter.

I’m better educated

I’m less lonely

Sociologically, I see Twitter (and other social media) as part of a trend which is undermining the power of those who used to command (almost absolute) authority.

New media authorises new people to become authors of their views, feelings & imaginations, I contend.

I’m disappointed the “ClueTrain Manifesto” (1999) hasn’t been as widely admired as I would like: “attraction marketing” is my way & “broadcast marketing” is often anathema to me.

As for confining conversation to an activity I only carry out with those in agreement with me — I learned the poverty of that after I left sectarian politics ages ago.

Mike Monteiro, we don’t know each other. We’ll probably never meet for a coffee unfortunately. I suspect I’d like your company.

I’ve admired the energy & excitement of your language here.

And I’ve read every comment in a mood of fascination.

You’ve each, in your way, helped me feel a bit more connected to the “American way of life” and your mode of written conversation.

From a wet day in Cork Ireland, thank you all very much.

Keep discussing your viewpoints.

You are enriching our world.


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