Introducing Mediummy

A Medium app on Windows, powered by Cortana & Cloud Syncing!

Omar Abou El-khir
Nov 29, 2014 · 4 min read

I really love Medium. In my opinion, it’s the best blogging/storytelling service out there. Medium simply reinvented the “non-microblogging” services again.

Also, I love my Windows Phone. The Live Tiles, Office & Cortana are making me productive every day! ☺

That’s why I started this side-project, “Mediummy”, a Windows Phone & Windows app that acts as a client for Medium.

Prioritizing Features

Before starting the development of Mediummy, I carefully thought about what features to include and what features to exclude -at least in the early stages-. Trello helped me prioritize features. My goal was to complement Medium with the productivity features of Windows & add Medium as an app for Windows users as well -which I’m one of them-.

1. Search. Favorite. Share.

  • Search: for stories, publications & profiles.
  • Favorite: stories, publications & profiles and sync them between your Windows devices.
  • Share: stories, publications or profiles to facebook, OneNote, NFC, email… etc

2. Cortana

Mediummy is deeply integrated with Cortana. You can say: “Medium, Find the magic of single button apps story” and Cortana will open Mediummy, searching for “the magic of single button apps” story, without touching the phone at all!

3. Syncing

Sync your current page and favorites between your Windows devices so you can continue where you left off. Mediummy is a universal Windows app that works across Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 8.1 devices.

4. Offline Reading [Beta]

I released the app on both Windows Stores quietly and waited for some user feedback before moving to the next iteration.

The first user to write a review: gave 3 stars, reported a bug -which is fixed now- & suggested a very good feature for the next iteration which is: “Offline Reading Mode for stories in favorites. That’s why, I changed my plans and put this feature on the top of my Trello “To Do” list.

Currently, I implemented & released it -in a beta mode- and will continue to improve it along with adding more features. Stay tuned! ☺

As seen in

I’d really appreciate your feedback & feature requests here or on: “Mediummy (at) outlook (dot) com”. Thank you! ☺

Privacy Policy/Notes:

  • Mediummy is an unofficial Medium client app.
  • Content presented in Mediummy is already on so Mediummy is not the owner of content on
  • Part of Mediummy is using mobile website view and the login functionality is provided by mobile website not by Mediummy.
  • Mediummy is an individual side-project by me and is not related to my employer by any means.
  • Privacy Policy.

    Omar Abou El-khir

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    Senior Research Software Engineer at Microsoft | Co-founder of Videolator, ImagineCup WW-Winner | Building great products is my true passion!

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