The Arab social media celebrity/influencer/mashaheer/bateekh cycle

The Arab social media celebrity/influencer/mashaheer/bateekh cycle:

1. Someone gets popular on a new social media channel (Vine/Periscope/keek/Instagram when it was new etc.) for some reason

2. That someone grows a huge audience despite not offering much value, and in some cases, all they do is pretty much make total idiots out of themselves (dance, prank other people, show off their ‘wealth’ which in some cases is faked)

3. They grow a huge following and start getting agencies chasing them to market and endorse brands

4. The hype and ‘fame’ get to their head and they start assuming they are larger than life

5. They do something retarded (even more retarded than their usual shenanigans)

6. Other people on social media slam them to gain from other people’s misery

7. Repeat cycle

Stop making stupid people famous

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