You Think We’re Different?

The more that I’ve strived to peel back and understand my own challenges and insecurities, the more I’ve become aware of just how much more similar we are than we are different. We are all the same species yet many of us — actually I’m going to say MOST of us — think we are different based on factors like culture, race and skin color.

I’m saying MOST of us because that explains why we have borders to our countries. It explains why we have armies, navies and weapon factories.

We believe that we are all different, that we are all seperate from each other and that we are not alike.

From there we use the reasoning of not understanding what is different and separate from us to be scared. We’re scared of what we do not understand. We’re scared of what is different and separate from us. We believe that what is different and separate from us is out to hurt us.

So we’ve created borders, national pride and ridiculously expensive defence programs to protect ourselves.

Rather than celebrating our common humanity, we celebrate and express pride in our nationality. We celebrate our differences rather than our similarities.

The truth is that we are all the same, but we all have different characteristics. Many people would look at that statement and note how it sounds contradictory. However, it’s a paradox.

Here’s an unrelated example to illustrate the concept.

You call the air inside your room, in the kitchen, in the bathroom and outside your home all as air. They are all the same, but when you enter the kitchen you may smell food and that’s because the air there took on different characteristics — but it’s still air. The air in your bathroom is also the same air, just with different characteristics. When you go into your bedroom and feel like it needs some air, you really just want air with different characteristics.

“I prefer the characteristics of the air over here”

The biggest takeway of the example is that the air is all ONE.

And we as humans are all ONE.

In fact, us and the air are all ONE. If you really break it down — we’re made of the same components — we just have different characteristics (but that’s a topic for another article.)

And so as we are all ONE, I believe we’re all driven by the same instincts and those are love, fairness and oneness. Many would argue that deep deep down we are instead evil and motivated by survival — however I believe that those two concepts are wrong and breed separatism, comparison and competition which doesn’t benefit anyone. It doesn’t make sense for us to instinctively save a child from getting hit by a car and risk our own lives if we’re worried about survival and if we are actually evil deep down. Here’s a podcast episode from this week where I discussed this idea a little bit more.

By considering ourselves as part of the whole, as a cell in the body and as everyone else around us as a cell in the same body, we would see that it benefits the body if any cell wins. That if one cell wins, all cells wins and the body wins. There is no loosing. There is just the perspective of loss.

Our perspectives of division and seperatism haven’t been benefiting us. I believe that it’s time that we all adopt the belief that we are all part of the same whole. We are inherently loving and not born out of sin — needing to spend our lives proving our worth.

What’s funny about being born as sinful is that to prove our worth there’s a million rules that we need to follow, with each culture having its own version of the rules and each culture believing that its rules are the correct version.

Can you see how that is just madness? There is no unity there amongst humans as a whole.

I don’t think there is anything wrong with identifying what country one’s genes are based out of. But rather than identifying as black or white or arab or asian — lets identify as humans, as part of the same whole. Race, genetics and skin colour are just characteristics but our characteristics don’t define us.

Rather than competing against eachother to win and only unifying for one group of people, for one nation, or one continent — lets support all of us. Let’s support each other in developing into our own unique expression of humanity. Let’s support eachother.

Instead of having pride in being American, or Russian, or Canadian or Brazillian or Lebanese or Chinese, let’s have pride in being human, in being an expression of love. Lets have pride in our similarities.

Identifying with our differences and considering our uniqueness as better than anyone else’s is what seperates us from eachother.

Many people may have only read half way through this article and said “this is unrealistic” “this guy hasn’t experienced life” “this guy hasn’t seen war”.

But I believe it’s time that we believe in those ideas that we’ve casted aside as unrealistic in the past as truly realistic. It’s time that we turn right after always turning left and getting to the same destination that we humans say we don’t want.

It’s time that we unify.

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