Think Positive get Positive.

realizing being positive is easy.

New Home. Seattle WA.

I have struggled with self esteem all of my life and it has made me a negative person for a handful of years. It is a mountain I have tried to overcome over and over. I am starting to realize that I have always had the confidence I’m seeking now. That confidence comes by one thing, BEING THANKFUL aka being POSITIVE.

I have always done super difficult things and I have managed to get through them. In the moment I hated them, I was so negative and I complained a lot, which made the situation seem horrible. When in reality, it wasn’t that bad, I was just making it hard on myself. Go Figure.

When I think negative or am in a bad mood, things seem off and not right. I complain because it’s easier to complain then to change your mood. When I flip the switch and smile, think positive, become thankful, things seem to be amazing. again, GO FIGURE.

Being Positive isn’t as hard is it seems.

I know this is true because, this article was originally published over a month ago when I was in a negative and downer mindset. The text was super depressing and negative sounding that it actually motivated me to completely rewrite into a positive article motivating piece.

As I write this I live in Seattle and I have never been happier than I am now. That comes from being positive everyday in a scary and new situation. It made me realize that all it takes to “win” is to smile everyday and chase greatness. Whatever greatness is for you, and just be happy and be thankful.


I have applied at about 50 jobs in the last two weeks. Yup, no joke, at LEAST 50 job applications in person and online. That’s a lot of rejection, but now at week three, I am two days into a new marketing job I landed. I landed this job by going shop to shop with my resume asking if they were hiring. I might add, that during the two weeks of job hunting, I was working mornings at the downtown Seattle Chipotle as a cook. I would show up, smile, work my ass off, eat food, and immediately start looking for a new job as soon as I got off.

Smiling, being happy, being THANKFUL, and being positive landed me a new opportunity in a new city in Two weeks.

Think Positive, Be Thankful, and Great things happen.

Thank You so much for taking a few minutes to read this. Please share it with anyone you think it might help. Share it with someone that is chasing their dreams and needs a little motivation. It would mean the world to me. Let’s spread positivity.