Almost 1 month with an iPhone 7

This month, I decided to make a switch in my life. After using an Android phone for more than 3 years, I decided to get an iPhone 7. One of my new resolutions is to try new things, and get out of my comfort zone. Yes, Android was a comfort zone for me, for some reasons that I will mention later.

My new iPhone 7 (photo taken by me, using Nikon D3300)

This article, is not intended to be a comparison between iOS and Android. It’s not fair, simply because I had been using the HTC One M7 for those 3 years, which had an extremely bad camera, that made me lose trust in any mobile camera! Not to mention that it was upgradable only to Android 5.0!

Things I like in both iPhone 7 and iOS 10

  1. It’s super fast. Thanks to the Apple A10 Fusion chip which is first Quad Core CPU used on an iPhone. This is obviously is not a thing that I can compare to any other Android phone. (unsurprisingly, this is the fastest iPhone Apple made :P)!
  2. Having the Widgets in its dedicated screen is way less confusing than the way Android does it. I’m a phone-widget guy. I used to have many widgets on my android. So spreading them on different screens was not the best way for me to browse them. Right now I just go to one screen where I can just scroll down.
  3. I get iOS upgrades as soon as they are out. Oh man, I like that!
  4. The 3D touch screen is awesome. I thought I wouldn’t use it. But being able to move the text cursor to anywhere in the text to edit, is genius! And Instagram is making a great use of this feature. I can’t wait to see more apps using that feature. And I’m wondering if any Android mobile will have this hardware feature (not sure if Apple patented that, but does Samsung care?)
  5. The shortcuts screen that comes out of the buttom of the screen is so useful. Not sure if Android introduced something more useful like that after Android 5.0. But in Android, to get that, I had to put widgets on my home screen.
  6. The swipe right in order to go back is not a bad idea. Doesn’t always work as I want, but I’m getting used to it.
  7. Facetime is excellent. Video calling my friends in Jordan (from Germany) hasn’t been so awesome like this before. Great app!
  8. Even though the iPhone 7 has less screen resolution than the old HTC One M7, it still has an amazing display.
  9. The live photos feature is not a bad idea! I’m really enjoying that.

Things I hate in the iPhone 7

  1. It’s slippery has hell. Basically using the iPhone 7 without a cover would not ever work with me. If it was on a table, it’s so hard to grab it.
  2. The mute button is not so easy to switch. It’s so small for my fingers :D
  3. The fact the volume buttons are on the left side, makes it hard for me to have some leather cover for the phone. All of them will cover the volume buttons, and it’s annoying for me to control the volume, while the iPhone is in my pocket. That was not the case with the HTC One M7. It was easier there.
  4. The camera is still noisy in low light. I managed the other day to have Google Pixel in my hand (in a bar with low light), and when I compared the two cameras, the Google Pixel won by big margin. Good job Google on that camera! Still, pretty solid camera. But when you pay that amount of money on a Phone, you expect to get the best (the Google Pixel is not cheap either).
  5. My hands cover the speakers very often. I miss the HTC One M7 speakers a lot!
  6. The lightning port is not an industry standard (as far as I know). So you can’t charge the phone on any new phone charger. Why not USB-C? Apple has been pushing the USB-C so hard with their new laptops.
  7. No charging indicator light. I would love to look at the phone and see if it’s actually charging or not.
  8. No notifications indicator light. I would love to come back to my phone, and know if it received some notifications.
  9. I wish it was charging faster.
  10. 4.7 is not so big phone, 5.5 (iPhone Plus) is so big. But Apple cannot satisfy everybody. I think 5 inches would be perfect phone for me. That’s why I was tempted to get the Google Pixel.
  11. I was expecting better Fingerprint. Some times it doesn’t open in the cold weather. But since this is my first Fingerprint phone, I don’t have a reference to compare with. It might be the best Fingerprint sensor in the market. But I like the fact that it’s on the home buttom. As opposed to Google Pixel for example.
  12. I miss the (back button). I still search for it sometimes, even after 1 month.
  13. I hate the fact that the home button requires a force to click. On the HTC One M7 it was a touch button, and I badly miss that!

Things I hate in the iOS (at the time of writing, it’s iOS 10.2.1)

  1. No freedom in choosing the Maps app to open the addresses with. So if I open an address from Instagram, I can’t choose Google Maps as a default app for maps. That sucks big time!
  2. As a developer, I would love someday to be able to build apps for iOS from Linux. Still, I need to own a Mac. I have one from my work though, but it’s not always with me.
  3. iTunes is not supported on Linux. Oh, and Apple Music sucks compared to Spotify, but I’m using the free 3 months now (to try something new).
  4. Siri sucks big time! And also Google Now understands my weird Jordanian accent much better than Siri.
  5. When an app opens another tab, the back (swipe right) doesn’t get me back to the previous app. I still don’t know if there is an easy way in iOS to do that.

But in anyway, I’m enjoying the iPhone so far. No plans to switch back to Android anytime soon. And yeah, I’m learning Swift Programming on Udacity ! I hope sometime I can contribute to the iOS Bodyweight Training app we are doing at Freeletics (which I use almost daily). Hopefully this will happen in a few months.