5 Reasons Why You Should Wear Your Girlfriend’s Jeans for a Day.

…if you can fit them

1. You’ll notice that they aren’t that different from yours.

Men’s jeans come pretty tight these days.

2. You’ll notice that they are different in the stupidest way.

Three words — fucking useless pockets.

3. You might be reminded of what they go through every single month for like 30-something years.

72% chance you will find a panty-liner in one of those measly pockets.

4. Revenge.

You can get them back for wearing your favorite hoodie that you wanted to wear on that day you wanted to wear it. Take that.

5. Her jeans are probably much cuter than yours.

Just sayin’.

Note: This was from a predominantly cis-male perspective with a main squeeze that is cis-female. There are other relationship combinations of gender identities where these items are completely irrelevant, but you probably get my drift.