Sorry, but this is bullshit.
Daniel S. Thompson

Daniel, I appreciate your ability to seek out information to further your argument, but you need to go deeper.

Firstly, your association between crime and police killings is just factually incorrect. Here is a chart that shows zero correlation between violent crime and police killing rates.

But I still agree with you that crime is also disproportionately committed by black people in this country. I agree that it is a problem that needs to be dealt with. This is what I know:

  • Blaming black people is not the solution.
  • Eliminating systems that disenfranchise people of color is part of the solution.
  • Providing equal educational opportunities for people of color is part of the solution.
  • Equal access to mental health for people of color and low income households is part of the solution.
  • Closing the ever increasing income gap is part of the solution.
  • Having non-discriminating hiring practices against people of color or people who have criminal records is part of the solution.

Black people, especially in lower income neighborhoods, are more often in situations where they see “criminal” activity as the only option for meeting their most basic needs. So yes, as a result of decades of systems that oppress them they have found other means of surviving. A large majority of those “criminal” actions (like selling ciggs or CDs/DVDs outside of a gas station or even marijuana) are non-violent and should never result in death, but somehow the death toll rises.

If you are truly an information seeker, I recommend you read Michelle Alexander’s The New Jim Crow.

The problem is real. Biases are real. Let’s just work on understanding them and learning how to make our world work despite their existence.