All of Me.

You have entered the world of someone who spent years separating themselves into marketable components and trying to sell each piece as something special. It didn’t work. It didn’t work because it was a lie. It was a lie that could have cost me an entire lifetime of disappointment, desperation, and despair. Like most mistakes, I was able to learn something from it. All the time and energy I spent separating myself was needless. I discovered somewhere along the way that the uniqueness that is appreciated by the people around me originates in the interesting combination of things that exists within me. In separate pieces I look like everyone else. Only when these things come together can I feel like the real me. Some people admire the multifaceted set of skills and talents that I possess. Some become confused and frustrated that I haven’t selected “my thing” yet. Some can’t see the potential for greatness when my efforts are spread in seemingly unconnected directions. This is the double edged sword that I now yield with pride and enthusiasm. Let my hands be bloody and my mind free to explore everything that I care about passionately. This is me. This is all of me, Omari Akil. I’m glad you are here.

So what’s in it for you? Everything (and maybe nothing). I will focus on the ideas that are most crucial to my existence: words, style, movement, and love.

Here’s a list of things you might see: poetry, style guides, my thoughts on various types of dance, my relationship experiences, spoken-word performances, fashion photography, shopping tips, and my thoughts on sex and sexuality. I’m aware that generally speaking the internet doesn’t like this. It wants me to be one thing (maybe two). I can’t do it anymore. We are all beautiful amalgamations. If you love that about yourself and you want to hear from someone who is similar, this is the place for you. If you find this lifestyle interesting and wonderful, follow me on Medium or sign up for my newsletter. If not, please share this with a friend or family member or ex-lover that you think would enjoy it.

I’ll be here.


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