The Dorze tribe is located on the top of a mountain (≃ 2600m) near the city of Arba Minch in Ethiopia. The population of this tribe is 40,000 people and they live only in the high altitude locations of this area.

Once we arrived to our destination in the village, we saw numerous crowds moving towards a green hill. We started asking around about what’s going on. We were informed that the Chief of the whole tribe died yesterday and the funeral is happening now.

We were told that the tribe’s chief was 130 years old and that their people live for a long age due to the clean environment and the fertility of the soil.

Even though the tribe follows the Christian Orthodox church, the theme of the funeral was influenced by the tribe’s practices and culture. People grieve through dancing, crying and chanting. It’s their way of showing respect to the spirit of the belated chief.

The successor chief will be chosen from the chief’s family, and the funeral will continue in the same manner the next 7 days.

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