Why a’m vying

I am vying for the parliamentary seat of Mandera East Constituency. I have decided to go for this seat to offer services that are not devolved to the people by convincing the national government through parliament to provide a lasting solution to the insecurity in Mandera. Mandera East constituency bears the brunt of insecurity and something has to be done that is why I need to be in parliament to close loopholes by introducing favorable bills. I am vying for this seat because of my experience, my values and proven servant leadership qualities that will enable me to offer better representation to the people of Mandera East through equal values, shared concerns and accountability in proper management of taxpayers’ money. I want to challenge the bad decisions that have been made in the past including bad governance, corruption, lack of inclusivity and patient cooperation with our people. With the blessings of Economic Freedom Party (EFP), Council of Elders (CoEs) and your critical support, we will together chart development paths for new successes and victories. Long live Mandera East residents’, long live Co's and long live the victorious banner of EFP