Why startups should hire an HR person sooner rather than later
Christoph Janz

Hey Christoph

Nice article. You make some really good points. Hiring the right people can make or break an early stage startup.

There is, however, a way to do this without necessarily bringing on an HR person or an internal recruiter. It requires a change in the way we approach hiring.

Instead of screening 1,000 résumés and interviewing 100 people in person, here is an alternative: Vervoe helps innovative startups hire great people faster, using automated interviews.

An automated interview is a simulated job test that candidates can do “on demand”. Candidates are asked to perform tasks they would likely do on the job.

Each applicant can be progressed straight to the automated interview stage without being screened (goodbye résumé screening) and then do one or more automated interviews (goodbye in-person interviews). Without the constraints of having to meet every candidate in person there is no need to screen in the traditional way. Every applicant can be given an opportunity. The whole process takes only four days.

We call this approach inbound hiring.

Happy to connect and give you a demo or more information if you’re interested.