Stop Hiring People You Don’t Like
Sarah Jones

Hey Sarah. I enjoyed reading your article. Thanks for sharing your stories.

I have found that a relatively easy and elegant way to attract people with similar values and preferences to you is to use the job description as a selling and qualifying tool.

At the start of the job description you could unashamedly talk about your company and YOU. And I don’t mean the bland, boilerplate stuff. I mean a real sense of what your culture is like and what it’s like to be part of your team. You can also even embed a video with you telling your story. That section could end with something like “people who [are humble, caring and friendly … etc] tend to do love it here and do well.” (or something similar). That will send a strong message.

I wrote an article that touches on this. It’s a couple of days away from being published but I’ll send you a link when it’s live in case you find it helpful.

It’s not bulletproof obviously. Some people will still ignore what you write and apply anyway. But it’s an 80/20 thing and it will set you up well for the assessment stage.