Seasoned interviewees are often great at conversation but terrible in the role. Likewise, some are terrible at interviews but would be great candidates for the role.
How to Tell The Talkers From the Doers
Melissa Nightingale

Hi Melissa

This is the key sentence for me and it’s the main weakness of unstructured, face-to-face interviews. Interviewer bias is also a problem. I’m really glad you raised this as an issue.

The best way to overcome this in my opinion is to:

  1. Ask candidates to do on-the-job tasks so you can see them perform in real-world scenarios. This exposes the pretenders with fancy résumés and, equally, gives strong performers (who aren’t as impressive on paper or good at selling themselves) a chance to shine.
  2. Ask every candidate to exactly the same assessment. This removes interviewer bias.

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