Notice any similarities? Well, it appears that the Big 6 aren’t just investing in mining and banks after all. (NB: First State and Australian Super hold Tesla).
An analysis of Spaceship — the Millenials’ Superfund
Jason Andrew

This was the eye-opener for me because I didn’t realize the traditional funds were already investing in tech offshore. Overall I found your article really helpful and balanced — thank you.

I originally signed up for Spaceship’s waiting list months ago but didn’t hear back until March. I expected that early adopters like me who express interest would receive a response. After all, early adopters help startups get traction, which is one of the the hardest things to do.

I still think it’s a good idea and they are trying to differentiate with an interesting value proposition. But there are obviously still a few things to work through, which is natural for any pre-launch startup. The fees and the service are the main things I’ll be watching with interest.

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