Many of us use git on a daily basis. But how many of us know what goes on under the hood? For example, what happens when we use git commit? What is stored between commits? Is it just a diff between the current and previous commit? If so, how is the diff encoded? Or is an entire snapshot of the repo stored each time? What really happens when we use git init ?

Many people who use git don’t know the answers to the questions above. But does it really matter? First, as professionals, we should strive to understand the…

A Hands-On Intro to Git Internals

Using git on a daily basis, many times we fail to understand the ins and outs of how it really works - what is stored between commits, how is a diff encoded or what really happens when we use git init? In this post, we aim to dive deep and tackle such questions with a hands-on approach (drum roll… 🥁), we will create a repo from scratch and see the wonders of the plumbing beneath porcelain.

This is our second post diving into the internals of git. If you missed our previous post, you can find it here.


In our…

How does your workplace cultivate an environment of team development? How do you make sure your engineers have time for creative ideas and professional development, all the while meeting sprints, deadlines and deliverables? While branded photogenic team building activities are common in many tech companies — especially with rapidly growing teams, this strategy fails to help grow together as professionals and misses the aim in the long run.

For long, I’ve been toying with such questions, asking myself — how can companies keep “the fun bits”, but also cultivate purpose and a culture of self and team professional development. In…

Engineer onboarding done right should get your new hires to solve issues and merge pull requests at a rapid pace. Team leads often miss the opportunity to pivot retention and witness their engineers fail to thrive while focusing on all the wrong things.

Onboarding, a predictor variable if you will, of an employee’s success and time-to-value for the company poses its own unique set of challenges with software engineers. When done remotely, onboarding can take the challenge to an entirely new level.

In the past few weeks we made substantial additions to our engineering team, and here are some of…

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