How Munchery is literally eating the world.
Shervin Pishevar

Seems your predictions for Munchery turned out to be wrong:

“In four short years, we estimate that Munchery has grown to half the size of Chipotle (NASDAQ: CMG) in the areas both companies serve in the Bay Area. At their current rate of growth, we expect Munchery to eclipse Chipotle in the Bay Area sometime in the next year. Chipotle is a $20 billion company. Munchery is growing 9 times faster than Shake Shack (NASDAQ: SHAK) and will be bigger than Shake Shack in 24 months. Shake Shack is a $2.7 billion company.”

Read this in Mattermark:

Munchery Cuts 30% of Staff at Headquarters Following Founder Departures, One Week After Zesty Layoffs

Really sad that such startups with an obvious fate (as seen above) get funded and true entrepreneurs are left struggling…

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