The Donald Trump of Food Research

The appearance of being scientific can increase persuasiveness.


“The office candy dish: proximity’s influence on estimated and actual consumption”

“Eating Behavior and Obesity at Chinese Buffets”

“The Flat-Rate Pricing Paradox: Conflicting Effects of ‘All-You-Can-Eat’ Buffet Pricing”

Addendum 20170214:

“Bad Popcorn in Big Buckets: Portion Size Can Influence Intake as Much as Taste”

“Ice Cream Illusions Bowls, Spoons, and Self-Served Portion Sizes”

Small bowl, small spoon:

Small bowl, large spoon:

Large bowl, small spoon:

Large bowl, large spoon:

Addendum 20170214:

“How descriptive food names bias sensory perceptions in restaurants”

Addendum 20170209:

Addendum 20170323:

Psychology is not in crisis, contrary to popular rumor.

I could do this all day, just give me a reason. I’ll show you a crisis.




Creator of PrePubMed and OncoLnc

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I won’t be a part of this anymore.

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Jordan Anaya

Jordan Anaya

Creator of PrePubMed and OncoLnc

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