How many Christmases do you have left?

I was recently listening to a podcast hosted by rising entrepreneurs Boomer Mueller and Tyler Tashiro. They were interviewing their millionaire mentor Mark Hoverson (Episode 57).

When I’m stopped dead in my tracks by a few words, I know I’ve stumbled onto something good.

To paraphrase, Mark was discussing how when raising kids you have only 18 Christmas holidays together before they start living their own lives.

It hit me like a ton of bricks.

While doggedly pursuing success, it’s rare for a would-be entrepreneur to stop and enjoy moments with family.

I mean being fully engaged, shutting off your phone, and shutting off your business brain to be right there in the moment with those you love.

Obsession around success is common. It’s a sexy target that snuffs out anything that appears to jeopardize its achievement.

At 19 I was beyond “All In” working hundred hour weeks, sleeping four hours a night and chugging pots of coffee just to see straight.

I would viciously ignore invitations to parties, and would even avoid taking time to celebrate holidays with family.

I was “making it” in the sense that I had money coming into my small online music store, and clients that paid for my work with regularity.

Even with the valuable lessons I gained, I didn’t realize something of vital importance:

No amount of success, or money, can buy you back time sharing wonderful memories with those you love.

Delaying the gratification of wasteful activities like Facebook, YouTube, Netflix, and a host of other distractions makes sense. But I urge you not to mistake making time for family events as a distraction.

None of us know how many Christmases (or any holiday for that matter) we have left with the ones we love.

Count them out. If you’re in your twenties, you could have as few as 5, 10, maybe 15 holidays left with someone you care about.

Make every one count.

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