The Biggest Secret Marketers Won’t Tell You

Believe it or not, marketing is more than just creating good content or being “useful”.

Sally the stay at home mom blogger slaved away for 16 hours writing a blueberry crumble recipe. I went to her site, stole her recipe, made delicious blueberry pastry, and ate the entire thing without even giving her a thank you for the tip.

You see… it’s not just about providing something people need. It’s about getting them invested in YOU and YOUR STORY.

We’re fast approaching a future of “information liberation” everything you could possibly ever want to know will be available online… it’s not if, it’s when.

When the clock strikes that late hour, what are you going to have to differentiate yourself from the crowd? I hope you didn’t just say “good content” or “being extra, extra useful” — because that just isn’t enough.

We’re emotional meat sacks — you need to sing to our hearts if you want us to part with our hard earned cash. We want to be invested in a person with a story, not some faceless behemoth who hosts fifteen webinars a month.

Granted, there will always be a crowd of people who feel incensed to pay for things that they don’t need to. The information could be free, but if it’s provided to them by a “gilded ultra 9000 vetted” source, might as well shell out the wads of cash for it.

This is why companies pay $10,000 per month to SEO agencies for information that could be gleaned from 20 intelligently chosen blog posts. I’ve seen it done, and it continues to happen daily.

Regardless. If you’re tired of reading endless posts on “x marketing tactic, for y result”, then I’ve something absolutely terrible and useless for you. Just kidding, it won’t be useless… no promises on the terrible part.

I’ve created a small e-course for entrepreneurs who want to know how to operate their companies with marketing principles that will carry through to future platforms.

If you want to learn:

  1. How to Zero in on the “Right” Audience
  2. How to Create Habit Forming Content
  3. How to Curate Meaningful Customer Relationships
  4. How to Sell With Modern Story Driven Marketing
  5. How to Win by Putting Your Tribe’s Success First

Then this resource is for you!

I’ve compiled years of digital media marketing experience into actionable, bite sized bits of information that can take your company to the next level.

If you’re tired of rehashed “me too” content, then try it out today.

You’re one click away from getting ahead of your competition today.

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