What will people think of me?

10 Minute Writes — 0002

“What will people think of me?”

This question is one that creates pause in almost everyone’s day to day life.

“Should I say this?”

“Should I post that?”

“Should I ‘Like’ this?”

It creates paralysis, anxiety, insecurity, heck even anger. I know this, because I experience it on a regular basis.

Or at least I did, until I started asking myself another question:

“Is doing this action authentically me?”

Whenever a tinge of insecurity pops in, that is my immediate go to.

When I ask it, like wisps of dust, most of the worry that goes with “What will people think of me?” evaporates.

And if some worry remains… so long as it felt authentic when I asked, I do it anyways.

Anyone who is trying to do something great, or already has done great things, will immediately know this resistance.

It churns more painfully for those lying in wait to act. Those feeling shackled down by the idea of what other people will think. Because of this, everything burning inside them stays locked away.

And if nothing is done, a lifetime of regrets, and “what-ifs” also lays waiting with them.

Even though I write my solution from the mirror of my own experience; it won’t work for everybody.

Some people harbor hate… anger… disillusionment.

And they do so authentically, at least from the lens of their own experiences.

Does this mean they should share openly?

Or is the trap around “What will people think of me?” a good thing in that case?

I haven’t the slightest clue.

Which is probably why I chose to share this with you today —so you could tell me what you feel is the answer.

(This is the post #2 in “10 Minute Writes”; a weekly series where I try to engage with a point of discussion, or problem that I find interesting. New posts every Monday.)

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