Exploring The Benefits of Moonstone

For millennia, humans realized the healing power of gemstones and crystals. Ancient civilizations began to use stones for the release of mental and spiritual blockages. At the time, these cultures knew little about how the silicon dioxide mineral composition of crystals shared a cellular bond with the human body. They did, however, have a superb understanding of how certain crystals and gemstones provided specific healing properties.


The History of Moonstone

Moonstone has been used for centuries by mystics the world over to provide a focus for meditation and to increase the flow of energy. It is considered a “lighted stone” and because of its changing reflection, it was commonly fashioned into jewelry and worn by elders or society elites who valued its intrinsic spiritual properties. Named for Diana, the goddess of the moon, Moonstone was an attractive stone used to aid those who experienced trouble sleeping.

Healers believed that those who wore or held the Moonstone would obtain a more useful appearance and a sense of renewal. It was also known as a gemstone that could provide tranquility and peace, as with the calming effect of the moon. Often, mystics would prescribe that the stone be carried during particular phases of the moon, to optimize its effectiveness. Ancient peoples used this stone to boost fertility in both humans and crops.

Types of Moonstone

There are two types of moonstone. Adularia Moonstone is a silvery, nearly transparent stone that may possess a slight gray or blue tint that shimmers in the light. It is named for an ancient mining location of Mt. Adular, Switzerland, but today, this type is primarily mined in Burma, India, and Madagascar. Albite Moonstone is part of the feldspar group and is semi-transparent with a shiny reflective surface. This type is mostly found in Canada, although there is an early mining site in Switzerland.

Metaphysical Properties of Moonstone

Today, as was common in ancient times, Moonstone is utilized to raise vibrational frequencies in the body to aid in meditation. It is believed that Moonstone healing properties include stimulation of the Pineal gland into increases in metabolism, hormone production, and fertility. These features make the stone very popular with women and why it has long been considered a woman’s stone.

Moonstone helps level out a person’s emotional state and hormonal balance, and so is used by many while entering into a meditative state. The stone can contribute to the opening of the Crown Chakra, allowing in healing energies that flow through the body. As the phases of the moon synchronize with the planet, the Moonstone can help one’s mind and body properly sync with nature.

Placing it outdoors overnight during a bright or full moon can charge the Moonstone’s metaphysical properties.

Healing Properties of Moonstone

Everyone reaches a point in their life where they are going through tough emotional times. Stress from work or everyday life can take its toll on both the mind and body. It has been well noted that Moonstone helps soothe a stressful mind and assists people to realign their hormonal rhythm, restoring mental stability. The calming nature of the stone lets the holder reach a meditative state quickly and maintain a harmonious balance with nature.

Many who suffer from degenerative diseases utilize the Moonstone to address issues with the skin, hair, eyes, and internal organs such as the pancreas and liver. Use its healing properties during menstruation, conception, or childbirth to provide hormonal balance and mental stability. Moonstone users report that use of the stone helps to relieve water retention, and aid the digestive system in absorbing nutrients and removing harmful toxins from the body.

Moonstone is becoming more popular as people begin to learn how the healing properties of this stone can provide tremendous aid for a variety of ailments. It is believed that the stone also delivers other essential benefits to users such as happiness, love, good fortune, increased fertility, abundance, safe travels, wisdom, spirituality, humanitarianism, and ease of childbirth. Used at the right time of the month, the Moonstone can help promote spiritual growth, mental wellbeing, and provide a more peaceful and restful existence. These are properties that were discovered by the ancients, and which have been passed down generations for our benefit.

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