Fitbit Alta Fashion

Ask most busy professionals what the worst part about their exercise regime is and they will tell you it’s finding the time during the day to get active. Work and home life can sometimes overlap, leaving precious little time for personal fitness. Fitbit has seemed to solve this problem with the introduction of the Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker. We recently took a look at this full-featured smart tracker to see just how it stacks up.

All Day Activity Tracking

The Alta is a great band for anybody looking to take his or her fitness to the next level. The unit combines fitness tracking and activity recording, making it like having a personal motivator on your wrist throughout the day. With five days of battery life, the Alta can track your movement, day or night for nearly a week. The new SmartTrack™ technology tracks and records particular activities and then stores them in the exercise section of the smartphone application.

Wirelessly syncing with your Android or iOS smartphone, the Alta lets you use the app to keep easy tabs on your favorite activity and track your fitness goals. The ability to track steps, burned calories, distance moved, and active minutes allow users to work everyday tasks into their fitness goals. The auto sleep function lets you monitor your sleep patterns and track how well a night’s rest you’re getting. Silent alarm capability provides you with a gentle wake up call that doesn’t bother your partner.

Activity Reminders

One of the nice features of this band is the activity reminder that you can use as motivation. Sitting too long in one place? You’ll get a friendly little jingle from the unit encouraging you to keep moving. You can set the alerts and determine the amount of hourly step or calorie goals you want to maintain. The feature is useful for those who have busy office jobs and just need a little “push” once in a while.

Smartphone Alerts and Apps

Nothing interrupts a good workout more than an unexpected text or alert on your phone. The Fitbit Alta keeps you moving while maintaining the ability to check calls, text, and calendar alerts right from your wrist. Set the alert status or turn it on silent for uninterrupted exercise. The Fitbit app and Dashboard software enhance the on-band information with a full suite of useful graphical charts and data designed to manage your workouts and reach your goals.

Style and Appearance

Fibit Alta Style and Colors

The Alta has an OLED display that allows you to check steps, distance, calories burned, and also a clock face that offers multiple layout possibilities. It comes with several color options straight out of the box, but there are also a large variety of accessory bands you can purchase that allow you to interchange the look and feel of your tracker. The surgical stainless steel clasp keeps the Alta securely on your wrist during even the most vigorous activities.

Touch Screen Display

The OLED tap display puts access to your time, stats, and alerts at the touch of a finger. Use the touchscreen to cycle through the different monitoring modes, or change the look of the clock face. The ultra-responsive display requires only a light tap to create a smooth transition from screen to screen.

The Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker has an excellent combination of style, durability, and functionality. Adding an OLED touchscreen display and interchangeable bands help take this versatile tracker to a new level. Fitbit has been leading the market in fitness trackers for some time, and this new stylish and functional band seems to be an attractive alternative to comparable trackers.

One of the bigger improvements made to this model is the long battery life. The Alta has a five-hour battery, which should keep even the most active wearers happy all week long. The more interactive display — now providing smartphone alerts — helps the user to maintain an uninterrupted pace and workout by providing instant alerts and monitoring.

It seems that the most attractive feature of the Alta is the variety of bands available for purchase. Users relish the ability to mix and match wristbands to fit their mood and lifestyle. This option, in turn, provides the opportunity to wear the band and track their activity all day long, whether working out or not. With all the designer options available, there is no shortage of fashion options.

The Alta is an excellent solution for those who need the power of a feature-filled fitness tracker but want the style of a fashion accessory. The sleek and stylish design allow the owner to wear the band every day while being prepared to take on the next challenge of their exercise routine. If you are looking for a fitness tracker that is lightweight, versatile, stylish, and packed with all the features you need to reach your exercise goals — then the Fitbit Alta is the choice for you!

The Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker is available from Amazon for $129.95.