Maintaining an active lifestyle is tough to do. Work, family life, and social activities can eat into your exercise time. Motivation is key to the maintenance of a healthy mind and body through a fitness routine. So how do you motivate yourself to get up and start moving every day? Well, if you have the money you can hire a physical trainer. Or, if you were like most people, you would rather motivate yourself. After looking over the Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity + Sleep Tracker, we are confident users will feel the power of motivation on their wrist in a stylish and versatile fitness tracker.

Real-Time Activity Tracking

Fitbit Flex Goes Everywhere You Want To Go

Everyone who tries to maintain a healthy lifestyle knows that you have to set goals. Goals help you to stay focused, motivate you, and they contribute to measuring your progress. The Fitbit Flex is something that you wear on your wrist every day; feeling it and looking at it reminds you that you have to continue working towards those goals. Real-time activity tracking means that not only are you tracking your workout, but you are also tracking your movement during the day and even while you sleep.

The Flex has a 3-axis accelerometer and vibration monitor that work to track your walking, distance traveled, calories burned, and activity time. By tracking your movement all day, you will get a better idea of the goals you want to set and how you can reach them through all of your activity.

Automatic Wireless Syncing

The Flex uses Bluetooth 4.0 technology to automatically wirelessly sync to computers, tablets, and Android or iOS smartphones. It syncs with both Windows and Mac OS computers via USB, and with the Fitbit Dashboard, you have access to all the tools required to maintain healthy activity levels. With the Flex smartphone apps, you can track and record the relevant data needed to keep yourself on track, such as:

· View your progress and analyze exercise trends

· Share and compete against friends and colleagues

· Record your workouts and manage a monthly exercise calendar

· Log food with a barcode scanner and track calories

· Review sleeping patterns and set sleep goals

· Receive notifications of your progress and milestone badges

Auto Sleep Monitoring

Sleep monitors are popular right now, and the Flex has one of the best out there. With the smartphone app, you can analyze your sleep data to determine when and where you get the best sleep. The graphs are easy to read and offer details on the amount of time spent in REM sleep, light sleep, and deep sleep. Having these tools at your disposal will give you a good idea what activities have the best and worst effect on your sleep patterns.

Style and Accessories

Fitbit Flex Multiple Color Choices

When you choose an everyday fitness tracker, style can factor in whether you decide to wear it. The Flex comes in 10 vibrant colors and has a sleek and modern design that fits with most wardrobes. The band itself is a flexible elastomer material, which is a durable and comfortable material similar to a watchband. The clasp is made of surgical stainless steel and makes it easy to get on and off. There is also a wide variety of accessory bands available for the Flex, which can transform the unit into an appropriate accessory for any office or formal setting.

Progress Display

While the Fitbit Flex doesn’t have a graphic interface, the LED progress display does show you how your day is matching up against your goals. Since the unit wirelessly syncs with most smartphones, you’ll always have a graphical interpretation of your daily activity right at your fingertips.

The Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity + Sleep Timer is a slim and comfortable tracker wristband. Its soft feel and stylish appearance make comfortable to wear all day long and for any event. We found that the Flex offers plenty of features to help any health and fitness enthusiast track their daily activity. Not only does it record calories burned, steps taken, and exercise time, but also seamlessly transitions itself into a nighttime sleep monitor.

Looking at user reviews of this product, we hear that many owners like the fact that there are so many accessories available for the Flex. Fitbit has found a way to put style into a daily-use fitness tracker. With the wide variety of colors and options available, the durability and long battery life, the Flex is the right choice for those who might have previously felt less than enthusiastic about wearing a fitness tracker every day.

The Fitbit Flex fitness band is available at Amazon for $79.95.