Holistic History of Onyx

Onyx Healing Stone

Ancient civilizations realized that certain gemstones and crystals could aid in healing ailments of the mind and body. These particular stones were held in high regards by mystics and magicians who used their healing properties to help cure various deficiencies in people. Although early users of these stones didn’t understand the biological relationship, they nevertheless treasured their beneficial and seemingly magical effects.

Similar gemstones are used today in much the same way that early healers utilized them. Crystals and gemstones of various types and colors are believed to provide a holistic approach for curing a variety of illnesses. Besides being used as a meditation device, gemstones have the ability to stimulate the body’s internal healing processes and immune system.

The Facts about Onyx

Onyx is a hard stone similar to Agate that is a variety of banded Chalcedony. When mined, the rock resembles a crumbly, jagged stone with straight banding. When polished, it can be brought up to a high sheen that is very reflective and beautiful. Though black is a common color, Onyx can range from white to dark red or brown, with banded stripes of varying degrees.

You can find Onyx across the globe, but large deposits are being mined in Australia, India, and Latin America. Onyx has been used for millennia the world over for intricate carving and in the manufacture of jewelry pieces. Today, natural Onyx is a highly sought after stone, not only for its beauty but for the healing properties it offers. Many varieties and colors of Onyx exist, but imitation material is now commonly produced into faux jewelry and beads.

Metaphysical Properties of Onyx

Onyx is known as a strength stone and can help with concentration or focus. It is frequently sought out by those who have a lazy attitude in life because the stone’s grounding properties can aid in decision making or multi-tasking, a benefit for those who possess an attention deficit.

The stone is often used to relieve severe stress and can help balance the disparity between the body and mind. Used for meditation, Onyx is believed to stimulate the senses to help improve intuition and reduce negative impulses of the brain. Mystics would offer Onyx to those who were tired or grieving in an attempt to improve mood and increase wisdom. Many people who use Onyx, report feeling happier, fresher, and more clear headed.

Healing Properties of Onyx

A variety of stones have healing properties that can help remedy illness or degenerative disorders. Onyx is best known for healing ailments such as skin disorders, scars, and wounds. In ancient times, mystics would prescribe Onyx to help reduce inflammation caused by burns or exposure to the elements. The stone would be used to create an elixir, and then the affected area would be soaked or massaged with the mixture.

As with any crystal or gemstone, a little trial and error are in order. Gemstones have properties that affect people in different ways. Using Onyx to improve mood and assist in meditation is popular among its enthusiasts, but a holistic approach to healing is also available. Ancient civilizations understood that the Onyx healing properties extended to a mixture of both mental and physical disorders.

Today, with the daily stress and fatigue we experience in our work and family lives, it’s easy to feel out of sorts. Onyx not only provides mental stability but also offers relief for those minor issues that can be harmful to our physical well-being.

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