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This One or That One?

September 26, 2016

It seems most of my Posts these days are things I see flying on Twitter. Okay , maybe not originally stemming from Twitter, Let’s call them issues that come up in reality and then people of the Virtual world put them in words and put them up via a Platform ; Twitter.

I will dedicate a whole post to how awesome a Platform Twitter is and how it can build long lasting and meaningful relationships among people from different backgrounds and locations. But not today guys, not today.

Today, I want to discuss an issue that might seem simple but really isn’t. I did an unorganized poll some days back on Twitter (oops Twitter came up again), asking people who they’d choose between who they love and who loves them and there were conflicting responses.

Okay, Here is a scenario. There is a lady called Miss A, she has two men she knows; Mr B and C. Mr B is amazing, hayy, he does everything to make Miss A feel like the only woman in the world. He loves her so much and expresses that at every little opportunity he gets, He is not ashamed to show the world how very deep in love he is and how he’d go the extra mile for the woman he loves. Miss A appreciates all the things Mr B does, she thinks he is a wonderful person and deserves the very best. The problem only lies somewhere, she is not in love with him! She has tried everything she can , she has prayed, she has fasted, she has tried to check the innermost part of her soul to discover some sort of affection for him which she could build on, but No, nothing happens

Then there is Mr C, who is equally awesome in his ways , and shows Miss A some care. He says he cares about her but does not do anything extraordinary like Mr B, He just goes about his things with ease and doesn’t go the extra mile. But you know, this is who Miss A loves. He really does not have to try to do anything. Any or Everything he does is taken with so much happiness and satisfaction by Miss A. She tried to wave the feelings away but no, this is who gives her the butterflies and the tiny little whispers of love. She is absolutely in love with Mr C, with her being!

Now, Miss A has to choose. Seeing as she cannot go back and forth or be a cheater. Who does she pick? The one who can go round the world for her and love her to the very end or that one she can do same for?

The Scenario above is presented to depict a situation a lot of people find themselves in. This is not gender specific as it happens to both males and females. I am almost sure some of you, my readers , might have gone through this phase or are going through it. What did you do then?What would you do? During a battle of choosing between who you love or who loves you, who would you go for? Let’s talk guys!

I’ll be back ! BOS

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