You are not Invulnerable.

Before you scroll down with the squint basking under the goodwill of His promises.

Before you push RT with the bandwagon pity of what has become hackneyed stories of bludgeoning dreams truncated.

Before your emotions becloud you with retroactive reason, shielding your daughter from the nuances of rape available only in uncouth areas

Before your middle-Class accomplishments eat you up with ego, that empathy becomes a luxury.

Before you forget the flip side of the narrative of the only survivor , — the only one hurt.

Before the plethora of unsavoury headlines give you the sense of inconsequential Deja Vu.


You are not immune,

You could be the only one shot and forced to give up existence

You could be at the other end of the spectrum, seeing your prized camaraderie turn into mere ‘firsthand information’ RIP’s .

Your son could be the next victim of Police Brutality.

You could be the next victim of mass retrenchment

You could be mauled tomorrow for holding a slightly different ideology


You are not superhuman. Don’t discard the active consciousness of those advocating for social justice as ‘ Attention Seeking’

Don’t exploit the peculiarity of the time we live in for self aggrandizement.


Share your widow’s mite of blueprints to help make the world better.


You might just be the next unlucky one.
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