The Deadline for Deadlines is Now!

Our lives step to a timely pace. Whether it’s in the workplace, at school, in the home or anywhere in between, doing whatsoever it is, we’re constantly engaged in something no matter how lucrative it is! Due to the excessive busyness many of us regularly have in our life, we, who aren’t lazy, look to make sure everything is done in accordance with good scheduling.

This act of being extraordinarily busy is abundant in freelance writing. This being so, in an effort to further improve my writing and embrace the freelance writing profession, I have decided to adopt deadlines for my articles every now and again. I’m sure that this fear I have of my articles degrading in quality is normal among writers when it comes to deadlines; so I’ll logically assume it’s a part of the process. For those of us who are not lazy or lose focus of our goals easily, I’m sure we all can agree that we can create better works of writing if we weren’t put on a strict time limit. This is how I am — I do my absolute best when given all the time I need for a particular work. But, for the sake of wanting to write for magazines and newspapers I putting myself in a position where I have similar guidelines to theirs in order to prepare myself to write for them.

This piece will serve as my first effort. And the deadline I have chosen for myself is a short one. I am to publish this article by 6:00PM this Friday (April 24, 2015). That gives me 43 hours and 17 minutes from the time I’m writing the very line (it’s 10:43 Wed, April 22, 2015, right now). This means: however good or bad this article turns out to be, I must upload it — even if I miss the deadline. And to key you in on details, if I do miss the deadline then it should be known that this article won’t be published until after 6:00PM the next day, this is because I don’t work between 6:00PM Friday to 6:00PM Saturday. I assure you no work will be done to this article after the deadline has been reached other than publishing what I’ve gotten done. And hopefully it’ll be an excellent article!

While I don’t have any other guidelines other than a due date, it shouldn’t suggest that this task will be as easy as people may think it will be for me, especially since I have to make the appropriate preparations for the Sabbath and that there may be some procrastination along the way. Factor in the time to sleep, eat, and use the restroom, and this seems more reasonably difficult. In other words, this only restriction doesn’t defeat the purpose of this project. In fact, I believe this is a fair starting point for myself.

This isn’t the only time I’ve done things like this. There have been quite a few times when I’ve made preparations to do something I have not yet gotten myself into. For example, before I even being hired in a grocery I was interested in working for, I decided to study produce as it was one of the positions I applied for. After seeing a girl at the register struggle in trying to find out for herself what type of produce I was purchasing, I wanted to be able to visually identify as many types of fruit and vegetables as I could without struggle. Especially if I was going to be working the checkout line, which is another thing I applied for. I thought it would be beneficial for me to learn this not only for my everyday life, but also for the positions I applied for, as I thought it would help me become a better worker. Also, before I was even hired for a landscaping position for a different company I wanted to work for, I studied how I could get my pesticide license, as I was pretty sure I’d need it sooner or later if I got the job.

I look to be prepared every time that I can. And this act of coming prepared is quite a common thing that I do, so long as I have the resources available to me. It’s a small, but important, effort on my part to make sure I able to do something before I actually do it, if you get what I’m saying. I only hope that those of you reading this will look to do the same, as this characteristic has really helped shape me into the person I am today. I’m sure it’ll help you become a better person too.

Whether you’re looking to become a better writer or better something else, I strongly encourage you follow in this same attitude. Proper preparation is needed to make one’s life more simple and is warmly appreciated in the community. Whether it be adopting greater time-management skills, a higher moral standard, or doing something as simple as researching information about a potential employer, the actions we take to learn or achieve something before it’s needed are commendable, even if we don’t end up using them.

This article was finished at approximately 5:14PM Friday, April 24, 2015, and published approximately 5:17 the same day!