We failed our first event

Lessons learned with only under $100

It is always tough to talk about why you failed.

Especially if you are trying to solve a social problem. Even more so if you are offering your solution for free.

Working as graduate students, entrepreneurs, and daily basic jobs we put together a team of like minded individuals who had one mission.

Help in any possible in this refugee crisis build.

Our goal was to launch, and fund our Refugee coding event in under a month with less than $100.

It took a solid team, lots of coffee at desoto, and amazing support from #yesphx, SEED SPOT and Kristin Romaine. They were key to keeping us laughing, smiling, hugging and excited as we built our little event.

We quickly realized there was only one informational guide online to guide us through this experience, so we decided to give a simple overview of our journey and what we learned.

Simple Outline

First the essentials:

1. Team

2. Partners

Week 1:

Interest Students:

  • We connected with students around the Phoenix Valley to gauge interest on our mission, and most importantly get feedback from our little coders.
  • We went to their after school education programs in an old run down room and decided to bring them out of their zone to a social incubator after hours. They loved!

Week 2:

Build a team:

  • Once we met our students we knew we had to make this happen. With such a great community of people in Phoenix that are seeking to help one another out, it was easy to build a brilliant team.
  • We filled our team with 1 event planner, 1 community connector, and 1 social media/PR.

Week 3:

Outline and Plan:

  • From here we onboarded our developers and worked on putting together a program, space, food, computers, and community support.
  • Then we implemented it :)

Week 4:


  • On March 26, 2016 we launched an event to the community.
  • 50 people showed up throughout the day to help us teach, learn and be involved in a movement to address locally a global problem.

Week 5:

Stay Connected:

  • We stayed connected with our new found friends that were finding their way into their new found home.
  • Support is what is needed most, and showing them they are welcome to our beautiful home where it may be!

What we needed:

Total spent: $89.00

The excitement continued as we develop as we were invited to the World Humanitarian Summit. We went down into a private room, and built solutions to the Refugee crisis at the Hack4Humanity.

Now although we didn’t completely fail, we did see that our events made an impact on the local community. We had our students utilizing their experience on their resumes, but we events were not going to make an impact on the crisis.

Now we are headed to UNHCR Refugee camp in Tanzania. The third largest in the world to build one of the first higher education platforms in Africa.

This an amazing opportunity to provide an opportunity to people who on average spend 18 years in a confined area with no opportunity to higher education or dignified work. Placed into our new societies it’s very difficult to be competitive let alone survive in their new economy.

We are here to provide that opportunity.

Check out our new page and join our community!

Omron Blauo is co-founder of Refugee Code Academy, founder at telescrypts.com, and director of sponsors for Sahara Sparks.

Contributions from our team. Thank you!