We started a Refugee code camp in Africa

It is not going to be easy.

Refugee Code Academy was born from the idea that education can change a life. Two years ago, our team was on different paths around the world, seeing first hand the impacts of the global refugee crisis. International media followed the crisis closely in some parts of the world, while our team noticed the lack of coverage on the African continent.

Throughout the past year, we have been working in Tanzania, and we were shocked to see how grave and ongoing the refugee crisis is in Africa. We thought it couldn’t get any worse.

Then, it did. The Burundi genocide broke out and thousands of Burundians fled persecution. There has been an overflow into the already crowded and under-resourced refugee camps.

Currently, the African continent is home to a quarter of the world’s refugee population. The average stay in a camp is over 18 years, with little or no access to higher education.

While working in Africa we have we have seen groups of people seeking refuge go almost unnoticed by international governance and media.

What happens to the ‘forgotten’ refugees? The refugees who found shelter, but no refuge? The dismissal of human movement in this context not only allows the violation of human rights, it catalyzes it.

We seek to bring light to the African refugee crisis.

Our aim is to transform social innovation into refugee integration by focusing on three main aspects: utilizing technology to create innovative solutions, focusing on refugees that don’t make the headlines, and treating humanity as a basic human right.

This year, we are teaming up to set up higher education platforms for refugees on the African continent.

There, we will set up onsite class rooms, and give refugees in the camp access to our online and in person coding schools, where students will learn to code websites, software, and applications.

In a world where the solutions to the refugee crisis are multifaceted, we provide hope in the form of a tangible skill set.

We are leveraging the current growth of technology as a tool to address pressing socio economic and humanitarian issues.

We teach refugees coding skills that will allow them to remotely join the workforce, and hopefully the dialogue around the refugee crisis.

Our experiences and our encounters will be shared with you by documenting the journey a refugee takes from the camp to integration into communities in other countries.

Through this, we hope to bring awareness and empathy for the refugee community through our work. We hope to show what life is like in the camp, what life is like in their new home, and what we are working together to create.

We believe in the empowerment of refugees and in the access to basic human rights.

We hope our work provides opportunities to refugees, and inspires you to see and learn from these individuals, not forget them.

We hope you will join us on our journey.

With love,

Refugee Code Academy


To anyone working in this space, keep building.

Omron Blauo is co-founder of Refugee Code Academy, founder at telescrypts.com, and director of sponsors for Sahara Sparks.

Contributions from Megan Allen and Alyssa Palmer. Thank you!