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Learning foreign languages is increasingly important in today’s world of fast travel and ubiquitous connectivity. Ability to communicate with people from abroad may also put you in advantageous position when searching for new job or applying for higher position in hierarchy of your company. Learning languages besides personal and occupational benefits can also open the way to gain additional knowledge and thus an edge on others by exploring literature unavailable in your native language. Many people find learning English, German or French fun especially after surpassing the initial understanding barrier. But let’s face it. Learning by yourself although possibly very effective is rather boring, repetitive and tiresome experience. That’s why most of us at some point decided to take some payed courses or at least some conversations with native speakers to gain confidence, overcome shyness to avoid jitters when talking to strangers for the first time. Unfortunately, these courses and conversations may be really expensive and always involve travel which may be especially cumbersome for those who live outside the cities.

On.Live is a platform that will change that!

On.Live constitutes an ideal medium for all people wanting to polish their language skills, or even start learning new one from the beginning. Platform provides the complete ecosystem that fulfills all the needs for conducting online live video language courses with no hassle and in comfort of own study both for the students and for the teachers. Our system provides well developed scheduling for easy lesson time allocation, excellent chat, which is indispensable help with vocabulary and build in file transfer capability, so students can obtain all necessary additional learning resources using only one unified communication channel. On.Live is a great platform for native speakers searching for additional profit, language schools looking to extend their market share and of course for students who will be able to choose from available offers matching their knowledge level and desired goals in learning. On.Live really stands out from other on-line and strictly educational sites. No special rules apply for service providers. If you are language teacher or any professional for that matter we offer verification, in which you can prove your credibility online with awarded certificates. But really anyone can use our system. Platform by its business assumptions neither interfere in charges that professionals may ask for their services, nor asks for initial fee for using it. On.Live constitutes open market where the users set their own wages based on their common sense and rules of economy. But where the platform really shines and is fundamentally different from other sites providing services on-line is account settling mechanism. On.Live uses ONL tokens as the sole payment method for all users of the system. It’s especially comfortable for language teachers as they are payed per session. Funds are secured on escrow and transferred immediately after session is concluded as satisfying by both parties. No more waiting for your money till the end of the month. This also means that how much time you spend on your sessions in On.Live is only up to you. Learning new language is always a long process requiring some dose of stubbornness, patience and diligence. But today you can forget about usual forms of learning and join On.Live — place where you can find people from around the world who are willing to teach you any language you have ever wished for. Join On.Live increase your skills with us!

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