On.Live media platform business model.

Dec 31, 2018 · 2 min read

On.Live is a platform which transforms and moves existing applicable stationary or telephone served services to internet by means of live video streaming. It simplifies contact of two parties allowing a possibility of easy mutual account settlements. In On.Live business model, the customer itself sets the cost and timeframe in which he’ll be able to serve his clients. Clients on the other side are free to choose any convenient date or available timeslot from the calendar of service provider. Customers can also ask to implement the service immediately when given service provider is onlive or send instant message asking for immediate video session. If the parties, the provider and customer finally agree upon time and cost of the live streaming session a service contract is set. The contract itself locks the funds of the customer in escrow, which can be released to service provider only after successful fulfilment of the session. This mechanism is necessary to protect clients from fraud. Of course any disputes regarding substantive or technical quality of service are possible to resolve if necessary and system has built in tools just for such case.

With On.Live there is also a function for free or payed live video broadcasting to wider group of recipients. Broadcast modes are suitable as communication channels for advertising services, transmitting commercial events or promotion of services inside and outside of On.Live to individual customers. On.Live platform services are universally flexible allowing to mix and match payed and free content according to marketing plans of entities using the system.
As a platform provider On.Live has unique proposition for virtually any industry which can benefit and profit from live presence in the internet without additional hurdles in designing and maintaining its own software/hardware and accounting infrastructure. On.Live can accommodate any size business allowing for expansion and to obtain clients in convenient ways not only locally but also from around the globe.

We are currently looking for individuals and businesses which wants to expand their sells channels and reach new and current customers in new and cost effective way.

Contact us at ViP@onlive.ltd, or test the platform (PC and MAC version) for yourself at https://on.live!

The market place for paid advice live broadcasts and computing power.

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